We offer the most advanced leak detection services in the Carolinas because we continue to invest in the latest up to date equipment on the market. Whether the pool has a stubborn hard to find leak, or a large underground break, we have the tools and the experience to find any problem. From the initial phone call to the follow up,  Pool Leak Doctors of The Carolinas Charlotte will make absolutely sure that your needs are taken care of and that we have thoroughly satisfied you as a customer. 

Our services include the following:

Structural Dive Examinations


Our nationally certified divers will dive and inspect every square inch of your pool structure, searching for any sign of leaks.  Commonly, in most cases a leak is discovered during the pool dive and fixed on site at no additional charge to the owner.  Our divers search for signs of leaks around the return fittings, lights, tile-line, main drains and in the pool finish itself.  Along with each dive our divers will take Go-Pro footage for our customers to review after the dive, so that you can see what we see!

Plumbing Pressure Tests


If a pressure test is needed our technicians will hydraulically pressurize the entirety of the plumbing lines to ensure that all lines are intact and not leaking.  Should any line not hold pressure, we will add air to the lines and through the use of our state of the art hydro-sonic listening devices, pinpoint the exact location of the broken pipe.  Once the broken pipe is located, a detailed service plan will be given to our customers. 

Liner Leak Detection


Pool Leak Doctors of The Carolinas Charlotte firmly believes that investing in the best equipment makes all of the difference when it comes to being the best!  Nowhere else can that be seen better than with our liner testing equipment.  What used to take hours for our divers to locate every leak in a liner, now only takes a matter of minutes to find even the smallest of holes.  Our technicians will use this equipment to discover these holes and repair them quickly, so that you can get back to enjoying a problem free pool.

Pool Inspections


For new home owners, we will have one of our nationally certified technicians perform the pool inspection for you. Our equipment can give buyers a guaranteed leak free peace of mind before the sale, saving you thousands by not having hidden issues arise after the sale. Our services are also available for commercial needs. 




Our team also performs plaster remodels and renovations for commercial and residential customers.  In addition to plaster remodels, we also renovate decks, coping, tile and install brand new liners.  Pool Leak doctors of The Carolinas has performed numerous renovations on the behalf of communities and our wonderful customers all over Charlotte and the Carolinas.  Nothing makes our team happier than restoring an aged or neglected pool to its former beautiful appearance.